Apple event is going to take place on September 15th

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It’s September, and usually we see the main Apple event of the year this month. But, this year is something different, and it’s due to COVID-19 disease. Apple has set an event on September 15th, and it seems like that Apple is going to announce a new Apple Watch Series 6 on that day.

We know that there was many contradictions going on the internet among various famous tech enthusiasts, that whether Apple will announce the new upcoming iPhone 12 in September or not. Jon Prosser from Front Page Tech, said many weeks earlier, that the iPhone 12 series announcement has been delayed due to COVID-19.

Now, it seems that Jon is right. There were some parts issues for the iPhone 12 series. Therefore its mass production got delayed. Let’s see, what Apple is going to announce on September 15th. It will be an online event (obviously), and will start at 10AM PDT.

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