Apple to launch 12-inch MacBook with Apple Silicon

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A new rumor is surfacing on the internet, that Apple to allegedly launch a 12-inch MacBook with an ARM-based Apple silicon later this year. This rumor has came from its own employee. This could be the lowest end chip Apple will ship in its MacBooks. This rumor also revealed that it is more likely to be Apple A14X chipset in the upcoming 12-inch laptop.

As we know, that Apple A14 chipsets to feature in iPhone 12 series, and in the new iPads as well. These chipsets will be processed on 5nm architecture by TSMC. Meaning, that the upcoming 12-inch ARM-based MacBook could be the most power efficient laptop, as it will be using almost the same A14X chipset as the iPad.

It is also possible that this could be the first fan-less MacBook as well. As we have seen the iPad Pro has almost the same performance level as the i5-10th gen. We will see the bigger MacBooks with ARM-based chipsets next year, as Apple stated that it will take almost two years for complete transition.

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