Apple to launch ARM-based Macs next year

Bloomberg a credible news publisher has reported that we might see ARM-based Macs next year. When apple announced its iPhone 7 in 2016 which was powered by A10 Fusion chipset, the single-core performance based on Geekbench 4 results of the A10 Fusion was stupendous at that time and then I realize that Apple can easily make its chips for macs, but the only hindrance was the compatibility issues for desktop pc’s.

Apple is almost two years ahead in its competition in terms of making CPU’s for mobile industry, as Apple was the first company that shifted to 64-bit processors when it launched iPhone 5S.

These are two different Geekbench results, One is Dell’s pc using Intel’s Core-i7 10th Gen and second is iPad pro 11 inch using A12X Bionic chipset. You can see for yourself that A12X Bionic is as powerful as Intel’s Core-i7 10th gen yes it is from the latest 10th gen CPU. Both chips have 8MB of L3 cahce which is insane amount for A12X. This is the most simple comparison that a layman in tech can also understand.

There is a very good chance that we may see a rapid decrease in this gap from A14 Bionic in the new upcoming iPhone 12 series. ARM-based macs can probably be the best long lasting pc’s, as we know when it comes to optimizing, Apple has surprised tech community many times. The tech future is entering into very exciting times.

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