Apple to possibly announce its own ARM based SoC at WWDC

Apple’s annual Developers event aka WWDC is about to be held online, starting from June 22, And according to Bloomberg, Apple may announce much awaiting its own home baked ARM based processors for its Macbook lineup at WWDC. We covered this news earlier, that Apple will sell ARM based Macbooks next year. Now it seems that we may have a look at upcoming ARM based Apple’s own chipset.

We have seen that Apple’s chipsets have outperformed Android competitors from the past couple of years. The major performance leap that we have seen came from A9 SoC, which was used in iPhone 6S series. After the A9 SoC Apple pulled its chipsets innovation far ahead of the competition.

We have seen from the benchmarks of iPad Pro 2020, that its SoC performance is as good as Intel’s i7 10th lineup, and that’s crazy. Apple can optimize its Macs with its own processors stupendously like we are used to see with the iPhones.

Apple is planning to introduce a 12-core chipset based on 5nm architecture for its first Macbook, and it will be manufactured by TSMC. After ARM based Macs we will also see in future, that Apple’s iMacs will also ditch Intel processors for their home made ones.

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