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Battlefield 6 Leak Allegedly Surfaces Ahead of Release

We got our first proper Battlefield 6 leak. The weekend was marked by two screenshots from the next Battlefield game, which everybody calls Battlefield 6 for now.

The screenshots were first uploaded to an album on Imgur but the album was later removed, since then, many other mirrors were created online. We’re not going to get them in the story, but here and here you can look at them for yourself.

The shots seem to be pixel-like screenshots from a trailer. These can be taken from the Battlefield 6 revealing trailer which rumors suggest is coming out this month.

In the first screenshot, a Viper like the one in Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 appears. The inside of the helicopter cockpit is visible. The right panel shows what looks like weapons, standard missiles, a minigun, and what looks like guided bombs. There is another slot for defense, probably. And the helicopter was firing at a missile launch installation.

The second image shows the same island in bird’s-eye view, where the transports of Osprey troops were flying into the action as the storm rages in the middle. These are the only two screens that appear, which seems a little weird given that anyone who has taken them probably has access to the entire trailer. This, however, shows that we’re closer to the official release of the trailer and the announcement of the game itself.
EA’s recent ambitions in Battlefield 6 have made a big difference. Along with DICE Sweden’s main series creator, many studios within EA, including DICE LA, Criterion, and EA Gothenburg are working on Battlefield 6.

Another studio, a fifth one is also currently working on the development of a mobile game next year. Notwithstanding this current Battlefield 6 leak is very exciting and we’re looking forward to the release of the title.


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