DxOMark tests iPhone 11’s selfie camera

The DxOMark lab has tested iPhone 11’s selfie camera quite lately since its launch, they have tested its dual camera setup on the back and it got a decent 109 score. Now the iPhone 11’s 12MP with f/2.2 selfie camera has scored 91, this is just above average and not something out of the world. DxOMark has given its remarks that iPhone 11 did produce good colors in good lighting condition and ton of details. It also has quite good dynamic range for selfies.

But the DxOMark’s experts noticed a bit of noise in photos even in good lighting and we can clearly see the noise when pictures are cropped. According to DxOMark iPhone 11’s portrait shots has good looking bokeh but not so natural looking, but it also produce some exaggerated bokeh, means it does not get edge detection right.

The experts are satisfied with the 4K video performance from the front cam, there is no doubt when it comes to videos iPhones are still ahead of competition.

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