Facebook answers to zoom with Messenger Rooms

Facebook has launched a new video conferencing service to compete zoom app, We all know that the popularity of zoom has seen a tremendous growth. This happened because of worldwide lockdown. Every country took precautionary measures to manage this COVID-19 pandemic, with this doctrine of social distancing, everyone has to remain at home but also need to complete tasks of daily life routine. Suddenly zoom app usage saw a boost, but with that we have also seen the security concerns that cyber-security experts have raised.

Now Facebook’s primary slogan is “Privacy Matters” and it does matters obviously. We have seen zoom’s users data leak by interception from Chinese servers and after that major companies also banned zoom for their employees.

The current stance and approach of Facebook’s to Messenger Rooms is quite implementable on this kind of conference app where you can add upto 50 members. FB will get benefit from the large amount of active audience it already has. It will also be very easy for users as well to use this new feature. There is no doubt that FB already has experience that how to make a good audio/video calling app.


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