Google is working out with Samsung over Bixby

Google is trying to negotiate with Samsung over Bixby and other Samsung apps. This news has been out by a credible publisher, Bloomberg. According to Bloomberg, Google wants more presence on Samsung devices in terms of its Google Assistant and other major apps. It’s like the same where Google pays a hefty amount to Apple every for being default search engine in Safari browser.

As we know that Samsung is the biggest Android brand, when it comes to shipments and market share. And from over the past couple of years Samsung has tried to embed its own apps over stock Android ones. Now we are also seeing a dedicated a button for Bixby on Samsung phones.

Google might pull off this deal with Samsung, as the mobile shipments have declined drastically all over the world due to the pandemic disease. So, the revenue of mobile companies is already far below than what they predicted last year before COVID-19.

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