Google Pixel’s Computational Photography innovation might be in danger

The internet is being on storm by the news of Pixel team shakeup, The real man behind the Pixel’s photography, Marc Levoy has been departed from Google since March of 2020. Marc Levoy was the pioneer behind the computational photography approach at Google, He was the lead of the camera department of Pixel. We have seen that many companies tried to master mobile photography by just hardware, which means bigger sensor and more megapixels.

But everyone took a wrong turn on the road, Google showed the world that software supremacy will give better results in mobile photography. Google’s HDR+ is absolute one of the best implementation we have ever seen and now everyone has duplicated that in their own language. The biggest example is Smart HDR by Apple.

Some features that were created under Marc Levoy’s vision, Night Sight, that changed night photography for mobile industry forever. Super Res Zoom, the zoom feature that Pixel 4’s 2x optic can capture way better telephoto images than other. Top shot, a feature that never misses any moment, and many more. Now the question is what camera features or innovation we will see in the upcoming Pixel 5.

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