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iOS 14 is here, comes with home screen widgets, PiP and more

Apple has announced latest update of iOS at WWDC 20 in an online event. It brings various new features for iPhone users to enjoy new experience. For the first time in iOS history there are widgets for home screen. Yes Apple has given up the old home screen design for new widgets. iPhone users have wanted widgets for home screen from a long time, as Android has widgets since its inception.

Picture-in-Picture mode

Finally the much awaited Picture in Picture feature for iOS is here. It is as like we have seen on many Android phones, on iOS it is also made for Facetime video calls and not just for video playback, and there is a new implementation on iOS that you can hide the video to the left side of the display while audio will be still playing.

App Library

App library is the new feature that removes the unnecessary pages from the home screen of an iPhone. It automatically put similar kind of apps under a category. This makes home screen clean and easy for user to navigate through apps.

App Clips

App Clips works similar like Android has Slices, These are small part of apps that can be use without installing the app completely. App clips can also be use with Apple Pay.


We know many iPhone users can’t leave iOS just because of the ease of Messages eco-system. Apple has also added some new features to Messages. Now you can pin your favorite contacts on the top of conversations to swiftly text to them and it also got new memojis alongside with a face mask one as well.


Apple maps will now include a dedicated cycling directions and for EV cars as well. Now maps will show you the route that will include your car’s charging stations, so you can complete your journey without any inconvenience. Now your iPhone will be your car’s key, this feature will debut in the upcoming 2021 BMW 5 series.

iOS 14 will is available right now for developers and public beta will get release sometime next month. iPhone 6S and newer iPhones will get updated to iOS 14.

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