iPhone 12 details leaked, 5G is coming

We are almost five months away from the new iPhones launch and it seems that these leaks are final in terms of dimensions and models. A YouTuber Jon Prosser who runs a channel known as Front Page Tech (FPT) who got famous for leaking details of Pixel 3 series gave us a look at the four new iPhone 12 models, yes you read it right four iPhone 12 models. Last year we have seen iPhone 11 along the Pro models, but this year there will be allegedly two iPhone 12 models with two cameras on the back.

Front page tech leaked iPhone 12 models

As you can see from the above picture (courtesy FPT) there are four different iPhone models, like the iPhone 11 we will see same 6.1″ display of iPhone 12 with aluminum body and same bezels as iPhone 11 but a smaller notch. We can’t say how much smaller but 25%-35% is a good guess, another iPhone non Pro model with, a 5.4″ display and 5G connectivity and most importantly with an OLED displays. It will get only two cameras on the back as iPhone 11.

The iPhone 12 Pro got bigger with a 6.1″ display as compared to last year’s 5.8″, a smaller notch just like non Pro models but chassis of stainless steal and minimal bezels like older Pro models. Talking about SoC every model will be powered by A14 chip and even if this chip will get a 15%-20% performance gain then it will absolutely destroy its Android competitors.

According to a patent document, there will be three cameras with a LIDAR sensor (Light Detection and Ranging) which will help to detect 3D mapping, which translates better AR performance and Portraits. There is more chance to get a better range with optical sensor as every other 2020 Flagship is getting better telephoto hardware.

Source | Featured Photo | Jon’s twitter

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