Leaked details of the Display of upcoming Galaxy Note 20+ (120Hz)

We are months away from the official launch of the new upcoming Galaxy Note 20 series, but as we know this is an era of leaks, and we now know the display details of the Galaxy Note 20+. There will be two upcoming phablets, Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20+. A gentleman Ross Young who is Founder & CEO of Display supply Chain Consultants tweeted about Note 20+’s display. Note 20+ will have 6.87″ display, as compared to Note 10+’s 6.8 inches with aspect ratio of 19.3:9.

120Hz display obviously but with more sophisticated technology of LTPO, this is the lowest power implementation of variable refresh rate for better battery life on mobile devices. The Galaxy Note 20 will get Full HD+ display instead of Quad HD+, but will have 120Hz refresh rate. Samsung should also include 90Hz mode as well to give more than one higher refresh rate options for users.


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