LG officially teased its upcoming new “Velvet”

A few days back we have seen some pictures of the new upcoming LG’s Velvet series, which will possibly replace G series in future. Now LG has showed itself complete design of the device in a YouTube video. We can easily see the curvy design nature of the device. Both front and back has curved design. LG also has revealed the SoC platform which is none other than Snapdragon 765. The display has a U-shaped notch and pretty small in size.

It has power button on the right side and three more buttons on the left side, two are power volume up & down but the third button will be possibly for Google Assistant.

On the back it has a raindrop style camera setup, It will allegedly have a 48MP main sensor as we reported earlier, probably along with a telephoto and ultra-wide sensor. With Snapdragon 765G, video capability will be 4K max. LG should use more software like approach for image processing, if the company wants to compete in current era of camera competition. It will also sport the legendary 3.5mm headphone jack.

LG also revealed the shades coming in Velvet, LG calls it Aurora White, Aurora Gray, Stunning Sunset and Aurora Green. The colors will shine under particular angles, like we have seen from some other manufacturers as well. Checkout LG’s official tease video.

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