Nvidia to reportedly acquire Arm

The news has been circulating on the internet, that Nvidia, a graphics technology giant might acquire Arm. This news was originally brought up by Bloomberg. According to them Nvidia might have to pay $55 billion to acquire Arm from SoftBank, as it is the parent company of Arm. This could be very beneficial for Nvidia, if they get this deal.

It’s like, that we are in the inception of seeing the PC companies are getting more serious about ARM-based processors for Laptops. As we now know, that Apple will completely ditch Intel for its Mac lineup. So Nvidia can enjoy this huge benefit in future.

There is an obstacle for Nvidia to buy Arm, and that is to guarantee other tech giants, which are still using and will use in future the Arm’s instruction set to make chipsets for their future devices. Let’s see how this deal goes.

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