OnePlus 8 Pro also suffers from green tint issue

We have seen the green tint display issue of Galaxy S20 Ultra firstly, now OnePlus 8 Pro has some similar issue. This year OnePlus bragged about their display quality and the A+ rating they got from DisplayMate. Unfortunately some green tint issue has shown up in the OP8 Pro’s display. There is no doubt that we have never seen any major display issue in OnePlus devices, but this year is different.

You can see from the above picture the screen turns into greenish hue when the brightness level is low. This issue persists whether user is using it in 120Hz or 60Hz refresh rate. OnePlus is very much aware of this issue and assured that fix via software update will hit its devices very soon. Here is the message from one of the member of the OnePlus company.

OnePlus values user feedback and is committed to delivering the best smartphone experience. Our team is currently investigating these reports to identify the best solutions for our users, and we will issue updates as soon as they are ready. Regarding the green tint, we are working to resolve this in our next OTA.

When the users have turned on DC dimming feature which is hidden under OnePlus Laboratory settings, it seems to resolve green tint issue and then crushes the blacks like LCD panels and the main characteristic of OLED panels is the deep blacks and OLED tech don’t crushes the deep blacks in a darker image. It is obvious that OnePlus will fix this issue asap as it has launched the most expensive phone yet.


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