Pixel 5 is not a Flagship phone

The news is surrounding that the upcoming new Pixel 5 will not be a Flagship device. We can assume this because of the leaked details from an unreleased camera app of Pixel 4a device, that app’s code suggests names of new Pixel 5 devices for 2020, Redfin and Bramble are the names of upcoming two devices.

Redfin and Bramble suggests in camera app code that these devices will be using the Snapdragon 765G processor which is not the Flagship processor 865 for 2020 Flagship devices.

As we know Pixel 4 lineup didn’t sold well because of shortcomings of the devices in Battery, RAM and Design department and a lack of ultra-wide camera. But the Pixel 3a lineup did conquered the hearts of consumers as it offered flagship Camera performance in a midrange price with the help of same computational photography magic which Pixel 4 has.

It will be better if Google increases RAM puts a bigger battery and includes the dedicated Image Processing Chip Pixel Visual Core in Pixel 5 lineup as HDR+ processing will not hurt Snapdragon 765G chip.

We’ll see the new Pixel 5 lineup in October if the production of devices will get hit by the pandemic disease COVID-19.

Source: 9to5google
Picture credit: The Verge

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