Pixel 5 renders and specs leaked

Recently we gave you news regarding the launch date of Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G version. Now the images of the Pixel 5 from CAD renders are leaked, as well as Android Central also leaked Pixel 5’s specs.

The major difference between Pixel 4 and 5 is that, Google got rid of the very big forehead, which we got due to facial recognition feature. Now, Google has opted for the punch hole design language same as Pixel 4a. The Upcoming flagship will allegedly feature a 6 inches 90Hz Amoled display with very minimal overall bezels.

Unfortunately, it is more likely that we won’t see a flagship chipset in the Pixel 5, as it will use the Snapdragon 765G. But Google has upgraded its memory to 8GB for some performance compensation. It is still possible that Pixel 5 will process images as fast as the Pixel 4 in view of the fact that it will get the same Pixel Visual Core chip, which has the job of image processing instead on burdening the SoC.

This time Google has ditched the telephoto camera in favor of an ultra-wide sensor, and Google did the right thing, as Google can achieve the zoom with the software but for ultra-wide pictures, you definitely needs a hardware. We’ll see, if these leaked specs would really end in the official version of the Pixel 5 or not.

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