Pixel 5 will not feature Snapdragon 865

Yes the news is here, Google’s upcoming Pixel 5 will not feature Snapdragon’s flagship 865 processor. This news is revealed by an XDA member cstark27, he got this information by the leaked Google Camera 7.4 apk. Deep digging in the apk revealed the modem version g7250, which is used in Snapdragon 7xx series. To give this news more credibility, David Ruddock, Editor-in-Chief at Android Police also confirmed from his sources that Pixel 5 will be powered by Snapdragon 765G.

Pixel 4’s sales created mess for Google, It did not sold well. The major drawbacks for the consumers were the battery capacity and not having an ultra-wide sensor. No one knows that why Google does not want to listen the needs of consumers, it is that simple.

We have also seen the shakeup in the Pixel department as well, Marc Levoy, the head of camera department also left Google and the blame is on Pixle 4’s sales. The camera innovation of the pixel is also in danger.

If Google wants to use a mid-range SoC, and if there is no compatibility issue then it should include the Pixel Visual Core in the Pixel 5. Because the image processing will rely on the PVC completely, and the normal user will not notice any lag when using camera. There is still chance that Google will bet big on Pixel 6, as there are rumors that Google is trying to make its own custom SoC with Samsung’s Exynos.

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