Qualcomm is trying to sell its chips to Huawei

As we all know, that Huawei’s hands are tied by the US Government, that Huawei cannot do business with US companies. Therefore, Huawei was unable to make its own home-baked chips, aka Kirin SoCs.

Huawei tried to hoard as many as chips it can, but one day everything can get out of stock, if you don’t produce. Same case is with the Chinese technology giant. And we might see Huawei Mate 40 series to use its own Kirin processor.

Now, according to Wall street Journal, Qualcomm is trying to convince US Government, to grant permission to Huawei, so that it can sell its own 5G chips for Huawei smartphones.

Qualcomm knows, that Huawei has sold around 240 million smartphones last year, so it is a huge deal for Qualcomm. The US based company could make around $8 billion, if it got this deal with Huawei.

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