Samsung aims to beat Qualcomm with help of AMD

From the beginning of Exynos processors, Samsung is trying to beat Qualcomm, the company that dominates in Android SoC’s competition. This year’s Exynos 990 did not performed up to the expectations of Samsung. We have reported earlier in our article that there is very comparable difference between the overall performance of the Exynos powered Galaxy S20 series and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 powered ones. This was quite disturbing for Samsung that its own processors did not performed well in their own phones.

The reports are out that Samsung will use AMD Graphics in its mobile’s SoC from next year, and the early benchmarks have shown the magic of AMD. It is very exciting news for consumers that the competition for Adreno GPU’s is real now. It is rumored that the AMD powered GPU will come in next year’s Exynos and it is likely to be named as Exynos 1000. There is also a speculation that the upcoming Note series will use slightly updated version Exynos 992 instead of 990.

The early benchmarks have shown 13% higher score than Snapdragon’s Adreno 650 GPU. The AMD’s GPU allegedly scored 181.8 fps in Manhattan 3.1 test whereas Adreno’s score is 158 fps. It is clear now that Samsung will improve their SoC game to give tough competition to current champ of the division.


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