Samsung might leave Exynos Version for Note 20

Samsung makes two variants for their Flagship phones in terms of SoC, one uses Exynos and Snapdragon variant. Snapdragon variant is mostly made for US & Europe due to CDMA compatibility.

A YouTuber named MrWhosetheboss showed the reasonable difference between the performance of Exynos 990 vs Snapdragon 865. When he ran Antutu benchmark for first time the Exynos version scored almost 8% lower than the Snapdragon.

Benchmark Test 1

After the 4th run Exynos version throttled very badly due to thermal issues and its temperature increased to a whopping 66°C whereas Snapdragon’s temperature decreased to 39°C. The score he got after the 4th run was literally shocking, just take a look.

Benchmark Test 4

After 4th run the difference of performance got even worse to 19%.
This is not the end, we saw a major diminish in battery performance too.

He tested battery with the same resolution of 1080p and refresh rate of 60Hz and got astonishing results. The Snapdragon version had 12% more battery left than the Exynos.

Not just the performance and battery time has a major difference, The image capturing quality is also better on the Snapdragon variant due to better implementation of ISP. So Samsung should just use the Snapdragon
chips. It will save Samsung a lot of R&D expenditure.

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