The man behind the Pixel’s camera success is now working with Adobe

In the mid of May, we gave you news about the Pixel team shakeup, Marc Levoy, the main person behind the Google Pixel’s camera innovation departed from Google in March of 2020. We think that Google lost a brilliant computer graphics engineer, who changed the approach completely of just being heavily rely upon the camera hardware in a smartphone.

Pixel’s camera got a huge advantage over other phones, when it was the Pixel 1 era, just by the advanced HDR+ image processing. And in iPhone XS, Apple also approached that multiple frames merging technique, and it improved its camera a lot.

Now the Professor is working with Adobe on allegedly a universal camera app. It seems like that Adobe is now making a camera app that will work on both Android and iOS. This project is kind of difficult, as both OS’s are built on entire different structures. And if Marc pulled this app right, it would be hugely beneficial for Adobe and users.

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