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The new iPad visits Geekbench, shows the potential of A14 Bionic

As we know, Apple has announced the new version of the iPad Air along with new Watch series 6 and the tech giant also unveiled its new upcoming A14 Bionic chipset. Now, the new iPad has visited the Geekbench, and we can evaluate performance gains over the previous Apple chipsets.

It got 1583 on the single-core score, which is completely unprecedented and never seen from a mobile chipset. And scored 4198 on the multi-core test. These scores show the real potential of the A14 chipset, and one thing bear in mind that this chipset has a mobile TDP and not of a PC’s.

So, we can expect the upcoming iPhones to be extremely powerful than its Android competition, plus the new upcoming ARM powered Macbook to be adequately powerful enough to beat Windows performance very easily in the same TDP bracket.


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