We might see a new iMac (Intel 10th gen based) this week

There are rumors surfacing on the internet, that Apple might launch a new refreshed version of iMac this week, with the upgrade of Intel’s 10th gen processors. Although it won’t be a redesigned one, it will just get the new processor instead. Apple has saved its new redesigned iMac for its own home-baked Apple Silicon, which we will more likely see next year.

This rumor has been spread out by 9to5mac, and according to them, there are many Mac devices that have been launched through just a press release in the month of July. So, this might be a clue for releasing just a refreshed iMac with just an upgrades of processors, memory and storage options. Tim Cook also stated at WWDC 20, that Apple still has many Intel-based products in the pipeline, and these products will release before a complete transition to its own Apple Silicon.

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