Xiaomi’s new Mi Air 2S Wireless Earbuds

Xiaomi Mi Air 2S with case that supports wirless charging

Xiaomi unveils its new Mi Air 2S true wireless earbuds on its official website, Mi Air 2S brags about a full day of battery life with their case and a better Bluetooth technology for just CNY 400 ($56).

Xiaomi Mi Air 2S comes with Low latency and High-Definition audio Codec (LHDC), which can easily be used with smartphones that are running on Android 10.

Xioami Mi Air 2S new earbuds

The Xiaomi Mi Air 2S earbuds comes in a case like any other traditional earbuds and it has capability of Qi Wireless charging.

The case of earbuds has a USB-C port and takes about an hour to charge completely. The earbuds also have IR sensors which trigger pause function when you pull out earbuds from your ear.

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